Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vineyard Investment - Syndicate Fund Two

This vineyard investment was initiated in December 2008 culminating in the release of the Founding Syndicate Fund 1. This became an immediate success because of its simplicity and its effectivness as an investment. This initial fund raised over €1,000,000 in just 5 months.

This first tranche of funding was utilised to start the initial stages of this projects development. The second fund looks to raise a further €1,000,000, allowing the building of an experimental bodega, an experimental vineyard and the trialling of different procedures within the vineyard to improve quality and yields.

We believe this high investment return fund to be on its own in todays investment market. This investment offers guaranteed returns of between 17% and 25%. This is over a fixed two year term and gives the investor clear exit strategy.

  • Money raised through Syndicate Fund Two will go to the further development of the vineyard:-Stage 2 soil testing
  • Preparation and installation of weather stations
  • A two-year study into the exact plantation areas to determine which grape varieties are best suited
  • Study into the requirements for machinery for the second phase of the bodega which will produce wine from different grape varieties

All of the above procedures are necessary to make the best use of the the vineyard and its overall yield, based on its currently available output. This will have a positive effect on the businesses overall profit.

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